Monthly Archives: December 2015

Above San Francisco

December 12

I didn’t go far, but I’m considering this travel since an airplane was involved. Alex finally collected on the present I gave him for his 30th birthday, one year ago today. We took a 45-minute seaplane tour over the Bay Area. The weather was not optimal, but the view was awesome. (I had to increase the contrast quite a bit to get usable pictures).

Thanksgiving in Virginia

Nov 23 – Dec 1

It was 75o when I left Miami, 30 o when I landed in Virginia. Burr! (I forgot to pack a jacket and scarf, so I bought some the next day). My sister, Jennifer, picked Alex (my older son) and me up and drove us to her home in the middle of nowhere. I woke up each morning to the sound of a rooster crowing.

We took day trips to Richmond, Charlottesville, and Alexandria (too far, but Jennifer wanted to visit a dog breeder). We got out for a couple short hikes before the rain came. I spent much of time reading, sorting Cuba pictures, and watching too much television. There were ten of us for the Thanksgiving feast prepared by Jennifer’s boyfriend, Michael, including most of our grown children and a couple significant others. After dinner, we had a fun poker game (I lost). Their new dishwasher stopped working the day before Thanksgiving and the oven the day after, but Michael kept us well fed all week. Thanks!