Cusco with a Technical Glitch

We arrived in Cusco yesterday, tired after three flights, including a red eye from Miami to Lima on a plane with some of the narrowest and hardest seats I’ve experience (a gel pack would have been nice). After a short nap in our hotel room, Karen, Joanne, and I met up with Leanna and had lunch on Plaza de Armas. Leanna has already been down here for a week, so she didn’t join us for our afternoon tour.

I have no photos to show of La Cathedral, Saqsayhuaman (a ancient Inka site which our guide referred to as Sexy Woman, to help us Gringas with pronunciation), and various other sites, because I somehow managed not to get the card reader I purchased for my iPad into my suitcase. I’m hopeful that I can get it delivered via FedEx and will be able to post images within a week or so.

In the meantime, here is one Karen took of me receiving a weaving lesson today in the mountains above Ollantaytambo. We were close to 13,000 and I definitely felt the altitude. We’re taking Diamox plus I’m drinking Matte de Coca tea and chewing coca leaves (fortunately I’m not worried about drug testing).


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