Home Again

We’re back in the land of drinkable water and reliable WiFi. I no longer need to carry T.P. in my pocket or remember not to put it in the toilet (until my next trip to a developing country). Our trip home was uneventful, though it took almost 19 hours, door to door. Much as I love to travel, it always feels good to return home. Zelda greeted me at the door and the cats came to sniff the luggage. I spent yesterday doing laundry, stocking up on groceries, and replacing my cell phone. I already miss quinoa soup, banana chips and bread (I was able to eat baked good with no negative affects, demonstrating that something is wrong with our gluten-filled food industry).

Why am I hooked on travel? When I’m away from home, especially in a location as remote as the Salkantay pass or as foreign as the rainforest, everything non-essential is stripped away. I live more fully in the moment and let go of things that don’t really matter. Seeing how other people live expands my worldview and shows that our similarities are far greater than our differences. And another vague spot on the map becomes tangible; no matter how much I read or how many videos I see, nothing compares to actually being on location with all senses engaged.

In spite of a few travails, I thoroughly enjoyed our four weeks in Peru and Ecuador, my first trip south of the border. I would definitely like to return, perhaps starting with a Spanish immersion course. Thank you Karen, Joanne, and Nancy for joining me on this adventure; I thoroughly enjoyed your company.


6 thoughts on “Home Again

  1. callingallspeakers

    WOW! That went fast! I FINALLY took some time to read your blog. What a trip! Reading it from afar makes me glad I didn’t go… sea sickness, altitude sickness, bug bites… rain drenched clothes… potential frost bite…humidity…. mud….crawling on hands and knees to fit through caves…. barely enough chocolate…. hmmmm… I’m much more of a wuss than I used to be 🙂 On the other hand – the photos made me wish I was there! So glad you could share your adventures through your blog… I KNOW there are lots more photos – can’t wait to see which ones you choose to print and frame….

    1. debhallsf Post author

      I expect to be on the road about 50% of the time over the next year. Tentative plans include both domestic and international destinations. Next month: Colorado.


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