Frontier Days

July 22-27

My visit with Nancy, Steve, and their younger son, Zack, was bookended by two rodeos, my first. Cheyenne Frontier Days is the largest outdoor rodeo in the world. It was fast-paced, fun, and exciting. It clearly takes skill, determination, and daring. I just saw the movie 8 Seconds a week ago, so it made more sense than it would have otherwise (that’s how long a cowboy has to stay on a steer or bronc to qualify each round). The horses are beautiful and I enjoyed the photographic challenge, though I worry about the safety of the animals (the riders are there by choice). Wild bucking does not look like a natural activity and the calves seemed frightened by the ropers.

We also attended two evening concerts at the stadium. Unless you are hearing impaired, I don’t recommend this venue. The weather was perfect and the crowd friendly, however, the music was so loud that even with earplugs (provided by the usher) all I could hear, or more accurately feel, was noise. I can’t say whether or not the musicians were any good, though Brad Paisley was certainly entertaining.

One day we drove down to Denver for lunch and a visit to the Botanic Garden; it was the perfect setting for a Chihuley glass exhibit. On another day, Nancy and I returned to the Wild Basin entrance of Rocky Mountain National Park for a hike to Ouzel Falls. It was the perfect trail for daydreaming, in the trees, along a stream sprinkled with cascades. We got an early start to avoid the heat, crowds, and thunderstorms, with the added benefit of a parking space at the trailhead. (Summer is a busy time in RMNP).

I spent the rest of my week socializing, eating, sorting pictures, dodging dogs, petting cats and reviewing Zack’s website and Photoshop process. Nancy’s other son, Alex, and his girlfriend joined us for dinner on Sunday night to celebrate Nancy’s birthday. Thank you everyone for an enjoyable visit!



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